Ready to BREAK FREE from Self-Shame Dieting to Rebuild Your Confidence and Create a Healthy Life You Love?

Join the course and membership community for women ready to stop dieting and starting loving the life they live. Learn the framework you need to master your mindset and undo the years of toxic diet culture that got you here.


If you’re a chronic yo-yo dieter, exhausted from the endless battle with food and exercise, feeling defeated by a lifetime of negative self-talk and you're looking to FINALLY create a healthy lifestyle you love while rebuilding your self-confidence from the inside out...


I want you to know there is hope.


With the foundation of my Self-Love Freedom Framework, in the Climb membership community you'll learn how to break free from self-shame to create a healthy life you love while finding JOY in the journey. And the best part? This framework applies to MUCH more than just your physical health.

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But first, you should know that you've been set up to fail.


And it's not your fault.


The diet industry makes BILLIONS selling quick fixes that promise miraculous results in even more miraculously short periods of time.

But what’s worse... they have brainwashed generations of women into believing that our bodies are a problem that needs to be “fixed” or hidden if we aren’t a perfect size 2 with washboard abs or legs that would grace a model runway.

But I am here to say that it’s not true.

It’s a flat out lie.

But undoing all those years of negative-self talk, body shame, and toxic dieting isn’t undone overnight…

Let Me Know If Any Of This Sounds Familiar:

  • You've tried what feels like endless diets, workout programs, and memberships that all promise they hold the miracle answer… but you now feel doomed to be unhealthy forever.
  • You cringe at the thought of wearing a bathing suit or even shorts in public.
  • You obsess over the number on the scale and beat yourself up every time you have set backs or “fall off the wagon.”
  • One slip up on your diet plan sends you into a tailspin of binge eating and throwing in the towel once again.
  • You have started and stopped more diets than you can even count… and feel like a total failure for not being able to stick with anything for an extended amount of time.
  • You avoid pictures like the plague and a part of you dies a little when you see a photo of yourself posted on social media.
  • You want your children to learn to love themselves but you already see the impact of diet culture is having on them and it breaks your heart.

You want to finally feel confident in your own body without second guessing your every outfit choice, being distracted by your body's bulges and folds, hating how you look and punishing yourself with self-hate and self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Friend, I've been there and I know it’s a hard place to be.


But what if the key to finally having the healthy life you always dreamed of wasn’t through the latest diet trend or some miracle workout plan that requires daily torture…

What if health, and perhaps even weight loss, started from a completely different place that has NOTHING to do with what you eat or how much you exercise?

What if it starts with your mind?

Friend, I won’t stand here and say this journey is easy.

Or quick.

Or that you will lose x amount of weight in 30, 60, or even 90 days.

Because that’s not what this is about.

Your happiness and worthiness is so much more than a number on the scale (hear me out before you start rolling your eyes)...


It’s about learning to find joy in your journey and fueling your health with love and not self-hate.


From my own journey of losing over 100 lbs, I have developed my Self-Love Framework which holds the mental tools you will need to break free from the shelf-shame cycle to create the healthy life you love while finding joy in your journey.

And the best part?

This applies to so much more than just your physical health because really, our health is made of so much more than just a number on the scale!

You have been sold a lie by the diet industry and it ends now.

Enough is enough.

In this community,

you will…


  • Clarify your compelling WHY behind your journey

    to create a vivid picture and roadmap to get you closer to your future best self.
  • Uncover the mental roadblocks

    that have been getting in the way of your success and keeping you stuck.
  • Learn the mindset tools

    to help you honor your commitments to yourself and quit the endless cycle of giving up.
  • Discover food freedom

    and how to mindfully fuel your body without giving up foods you love.
  • Master the practice of self-love

    and body acceptance through every step of the journey, starting from day one.
  • Establish healthy habits that fit your own unique lifestyle

    to create a life you love from the inside out and results that actually last.

...and not have to do it alone!

Here's what Climbers are experiencing...


Meghan loved the course so much she did it TWICE!

This work can feel uncomfortable, but it's TRANSFORMATIONAL. Witnessing Meghan's personal growth as she's honored the baby steps and learned to love herself deeper, care for herself better, and find joy in the journey has been incredible. That's what this community is all about!

Gail said this community changed her life in PROFOUND ways.

She had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight, but no matter what she weighed, or what program she tried, her self-worth and self-love were always missing... until CLIMB.


Climb isn’t like any other health program you have ever joined before. 

You will learn the key mental tools you've been missing to create the real, sustainable results you've been searching for.

Think about it... how many times have you told yourself if I just weigh (insert your goal weight here) then I will be happy... and maybe there are times in your life that you did weigh that but were you truly happy?

Did you still pick yourself apart in the mirror?

Did you still feel uncomfortable being in shorts or a bathing suit?

It's not weight loss you're after. 

You're after self-confidence. 

You're after food freedom.

You're after a life of joy and happiness within you, not just a transformation outside of you. 

And the good news is, friend, you're in the right place.


Self-shame dieting is simply the symptom of a much deeper problem…

Diet culture promises that you will be happy when you have chiseled abs, a booty that would make Beyonce jealous, and legs so long and slim that Victoria's Secret would be knocking on your door offering you a job as an angel!

But you see, the problem here is that they sell you on all these “results” by convincing you that you are not worthy just as you are

But the reality is... you have a real (and amazing) body that has done incredible things for you and you need to find the grace and gratitude for your body that diet culture has STOLEN AWAY FROM YOU.

Because until you fix your relationship with your body, you will always be chasing the next fad diet, magic drops, miracle waist trainer, or (insert latest crazy fad here) that is just a bandaid for your deep discomfort with your own body image.

I know because I was there.

I hated everything about my body.

I thought my body had failed me.

And I know there are thousands of women  just like me who battle these thoughts and their body image... no matter what size pants they wear.

Kerry Shifted Her Mindset and Feels Better Every Single Day!

"I now know how to attack any negative talk that goes on inside my head. I redirect all negative thoughts that do not serve me. Because of Kiah, I've learned to push myself physically and go from 30 minutes of walking to running 5Ks. Because of Kiah, she has pushed me to believe that I am capable of doing hard things on both my weight loss and career journeys. I exercise out of love for myself and my body, not just to lose weight. I have learned to appreciate how to be rooted in gratitude because of Kiah. The more I treat myself with kindness, the better I feel every single day. Thank you Coach Kiah!"

Kerry, Pennsylvania


How many times have you passed up the water park vacation with your kids because you can’t bring yourself to wear a bathing suit in public because, god forbid, someone sees your cellulite... which newsflash...almost all women have in some form or another! GASP!

The point here is that wanting to constantly diet or reach that goal weight is about something much bigger than weight loss. 

Ultimately you want to lose weight to be happy right?

That’s the whole point?

To be happy and confident?

So when you hit that goal weight then all of a sudden all the confidence comes and you magically feel comfortable running down the beach in a bathing suit (cue slow motion and Baywatch theme music…)...right?

Or will you still have stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin, scars, varicose veins….

Until you can be at peace with your body and find gratitude for it….

Weight loss won’t be the answer.

And friend, this is where the weight loss is actually the easy part...  loving yourself through it is what takes the most work!


Think about it, how do you talk to yourself?  Is it warm and encouraging or do you tear yourself apart in the mirror?

Now imagine if you spoke to a friend or family like you do yourself...

How would that relationship be?

Great and thriving?


Broken and crumbling?

That is what Climb is all about.

It’s about healing your relationship with yourself and surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are cheering you on every step of the way. 

Checking in on you when you haven’t been showing up.

Encouraging you to wear those shorts and that bathing suit.

Climb is where you are going to learn to let it all hang out… and not be ashamed one bit!

Pam Stopped Hiding Behind Her Clothes

“In the past I would be hiding behind jeans or capris because my legs “weren’t thin enough” or didn’t think they looked as good as others. It feels so good to feel comfortable (more than I did last summer) in my own skin!

- Pam

The way we change the legacy is by healing our relationship with ourselves, like Michelle.


[The Climb Course & Community] 

Where women are breaking free of diet culture and learning the mental tools they need to create sustainable change and lasting health from the inside out.

When you join today,

you’ll get:


  • Signature Climb Course (Value $1250)

    featuring 5 value-packed modules with support worksheets, journal prompts, and more to guide you along the way.

  • 8 Week Guided Course Workshops (Value $500)

    to dive deep into the course work with your community while having direct access to coaching with Kiah, live Q&A's, and a supportive tribe of women walking this journey with you.
  • Private Community (Value $250)

    through a members-only Facebook group and membership portal for connection and support with your fellow Climbers.
  • Guest Experts & Exclusive Workshops (Value $1000)

    to continue learning and growing as you climb! Guest experts include coaches, registered dietitians, therapists, personal trainers, chefs, bloggers, and more!

Coach Kiah's Signature Course

[CLIMB the Course]


Module 1


Before we can create a life we love, we first need to meet ourselves where we're at. This module will help you uncover why your past attempts at getting healthy may have failed and give you the tools to start rebuilding your relationship with yourself from the inside out. 

Module Highlights:

This module is a student favorite and makes the entire course worth it! We dive deep into the mental transformation that must happen first and I can't wait to teach you more. 

  • Lesson 1: Break the Cycle
  • Lesson 2: Ownership
  • Lesson 3: Think-Feel-Do
  • Lesson 4: Thought Work
  • Lesson 5: Reconnecting to Self
Module 2


After setting the foundation in the first module, in this module you will begin your CLIMB. You'll set clear goals and begin paving your way forward to create a life you love from the inside out.

Module Highlights:

It's not enough to talk about your dream life. You need to get clear on what you want, visualize the path ahead, and begin establishing habits and steps that will get you there.

  • Lesson 1: Mountain Motivation
  • Lesson 2: Goal Feeling
  • Lesson 3: Future Self
  • Lesson 4: Power of Habit

Module 3


Uncover the way your brain is working for and against you as you pursue a life you love with your mind and body in sync.

Module Highlights:

Get to the root of what is keeping you stuck so that you can break free of your limiting beliefs and unhealthy coping mechanisms to foster your greatest growth yet.

  • Lesson 1: Being Human
  • Lesson 2: Buffering
  • Lesson 3: Boundaries
  • Lesson 4: Plateaus
  • Lesson 5: Planning
Module 4


Discover the feeling of true mental and life freedom by learning how to embrace failure, show yourself grace, and give up the habits and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Module Highlights:

No journey is free of hardship, but this module teaches you how to embrace mistakes along the way to live a resilient, joyful, and healthy life.

  • Lesson 1: Failure & Forgiveness
  • Lesson 2: Give It Up
  • Lesson 3: Accountability
  • Lesson 4: Values
  • Lesson 5: Celebration

The Core 4

Rather than a restrictive weight loss program telling what to eat (and not eat), learn how to simplify your healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to the Core 4: fuel, strengthen, hydrate, rest.

Module Highlights:

  • Lesson 1: FUEL - learn how to make space for ALL foods, especially the ones you love, without sacrificing your health.
  • Lesson 2: STRENGTHEN - learn how to make joyful movement a part of your everyday living.
  • Lesson 3: HYDRATE - learn tips for getting better hydration throughout the day.
  • Lesson 4: REST - learn how to prioritize rest and recovery as part of your daily self-care.

 8 Week Guided Coaching

You don't have to do this journey alone! Work through the Climb course content alongside Coach Kiah and the community as we apply the lessons together.

Each week, Coach Kiah will host a workshop or live group coaching call to dive deeper into each of the course modules, answer questions, and offer real-time support. 

Climb Schedule Preview:

  • February 1: Confident Climber Workshop
  • February 3: Live Coaching Call
  • February 9: Module 1 Workshop
  • February 16: Live Coaching Call
  • February 23: Module 2 Workshop
  • March 2: Live Coaching Call
  • March 9: Module 3 Workshop
  • March 16: Live Coaching Call
  • March 23: Module 4 Workshop
  • March 30: Live Coaching Call
**All workshops and coaching calls will be recorded and available for replay for those unable to attend live

Plus These Bonuses to Add Support Along the Way!


Bonus 1


Connect with your fellow Climbers in our private membership portal and members-only Facebook group. Our community provides support, encouragement, and accountability as we walk this journey. We are so much stronger together! 

Bonus 2

BOOK CLUB (Value $100) 

Get inspired and learn alongside your fellow Climbers during our bi-monthly book club! Explore new books to support your personal growth journey and learn how to apply those lessons in real life.

Bonus 3


Learning and growth doesn't end after the Climb course! This membership community is all about implementing the foundational lessons as well as continuing to grow and learn new tools. Guest experts include registered dietitians, certified coaches, chefs, personal trainers, therapists, and more! 

Here's a look at upcoming workshops and guests:

  • Confident Climber Workshop with Coach Kiah to get your journey started on the right foot (Value $250)
  • Mindful Nutrition workshop with registered dietitian Sheri Glazier, the Dirt Road Dietitian, to help you begin healing your relationship with food (Value $250)
  • Monthly Cooking Demos with Alli Kelley, farmsteader and food  blogger (Value $250)
  • Live Coaching Q&A with Coach Kiah (Value $250)
  • ...and more!


You will have full access to ALL content within the Climb community, including past workshops, coaching calls, resources, and more!


Dana is Happier Than She Has Been in YEARS

"I'm happier than I have been in years. Kiah - you have inspired me to do things I had told myself "I can't do this" or "I don't have the confidence to do this" and I am grateful for your real-life presentation on how we can 'un-stick" ourselves from our own self-talk and doubts. I just know there are so many others out there that can benefit from your message, change process and your story. Thank you for sharing and for believing in us!"

Dana from California


Risk Free 14-Day Guarantee

By the end of the first 14 days, you will have received access to the first two modules of CLIMB with tangible, actionable steps to help you begin your health journey from the inside out.

If after implementing the strategies learned and taking action in your own life, you don't feel confident that the lessons and teachings within this program are a good fit for you and your journey, simply reach out via email at [email protected] and we'll refund your investment.

Kathy noticed the benefits in just one week! And just a few months later, finally met Kiah at the county fair.

Even Kathy's husband noticed a difference:

"I cannot thank you enough. You truly are one of those people who have come into my life at the perfect time, pointed me in the right direction and empowered me to tackle the hard stuff.

The hard stuff for me is a lot.  I have struggled my whole life with perfectionism and intolerance resulting in self loathing for everything imaginable. Simply, I made myself and others miserable with my never ending striving and failing to measure up.

Guess what, welcome humanity and compassion. No other “strategies” have made as huge a change in my life as your “realness” and the gold nuggets of wisdom you have shared from your own life journey.

My hubby commented shortly into my Climb journey that I just seem happier, lighter, easier to be with. I started liking myself no matter what and as you know, that started a ripple forward effect.  I, of course, still have my days, but am much better equipped to pull out of a funk faster and smoother."

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Climb


What Climbers are saying...


"Since taking the course I feel like a new person. I feel free. Free to take care of myself first, free to eat any food from any food group, free to say no to things that don’t serve me or make me happy, free to be reinvent myself and work everyday to be the healthy person I’ve always wanted to be."

- Tammy, Oregon


Small changes made a BIG difference for Karina.

“My race. My pace. 

I started making better decisions the first day of the Free Coaching meetings. I've completed the course and have made small doable changes, nothing fees restrictive or overwhelming... I am down 11 pounds!! Slow and steads beats the race!” 

- Karina, Texas

Still thinking about it?


You should give Climb a shot if you're feeling motivated by any of these:

You're ready to get your life back.

Yep, I feel that. The hunger for a life without hiding, a life without shame for your body, a life where your weight no longer holds you back or urges you to say no to the parts of life that you really want to enjoy. You want to say YES to laying on the beach in a bathing suit, YES to family days at the lake, YES to hiking in nature, YES to going dancing, YES to adventuring beyond the walls of your home to take advantage of all there is to experience in this beautiful world.

You want to feel confident in your own skin. You’re ready to quit the endless yo-yo dieting cycle and you’re finally ready to do things differently this time.

You're ready to finally focus on YOU.

You are brave. You are courageous. You are loving and giving and so willing to show up for the people and causes you care about. But you know you’ve been pushing yourself and your health to the side. You’ve gotten so used to saying “yes” to everyone else and everything else that you’ve realized you’ve been saying “no” to yourself. Well, here's your chance to say YES.

You're not sure you can do this alone.

You’ve tried the things. You’ve failed the things. And you’re not entirely sure you can do this solo. Well friend, I know you can do ANYTHING that you really set your mind to, but the truth is that sometimes we need a little encouragement and guidance along the way. We need someone that has walked this path before us to show us the way, to turn around and lend us a hand, to help lovingly nudge us forward step by step. Not only will this program be taught by Coach Kiah, a girl who has walked the talk and transformed her life losing more than 125 pounds, but it will also introduce you to a community of support and new friends cheering you on.

You're tired of wasting your money on things that don't work.

I’ve thrown away countless dollars on programs, shakes, and memberships that didn’t work or I didn’t stick with. I’ve invested so much money only to find myself with the same disappointing results - overweight and questioning all my decisions. You’re done throwing your money away! So why on earth should you spend your hard earned dollars on this program?

Well, because this is different and you my friend are ready to start taking the baby steps that can make big impact in your life.

Join the Waitlist

[The Climb Course & Community] 

Where women are breaking free of diet culture and learning the mental tools they need to create sustainable change and lasting health from the inside out.

I can’t wait for you to join CLIMB!

The tools I am going to teach you have literally CHANGED MY LIFE in ways I didn't even think was possible.

I know how you are feeling right now, oh friend how I know it deep in my core. I've been there, exactly where you're at, and I am on a mission to help you see that there is more. There is hope and a way forward that can work for you too.

I am so darn excited for you. Seriously. This isn't just any moment, but this could be THE moment, the pivotal point in your journey that you'll look back and thank yourself for one day.

You'll be telling yourself, "Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for being willing to try again."

Cheering for you always,

Coach Kiah